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School Uniform Policy
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Monday, November 12, 2018
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All students are required to wear the official uniforms daily.  Students will comply with the uniform policy unless otherwise noted by the building principal only. 



Khaki or Navy Blue Pants, Skirts, Shorts or Jumpers

(Please no skirts and/or shorts higher than 2in above knee)

Khaki or Navy Blue Pants or Shorts

 (Must Wear a Belt at all times)

ANY solid color polo styled shirt

ANY solid color polo styled shirt

Tennis Shoes or Dress Shoes (No Sandals)

Tennis Shoes or Dress Shoes (No Sandals)


The school uniform policy is designed to enhance the learning environment of our students by helping them focus on their academic success.  Clothing must be neat and clean and in good condition.  If for any reason you need assistance please contact your school office.  Inappropriate attire is any clothing that disrupts the educational process, threatens the learning environment, or endangers the health or safety of student or any other persons.

Unacceptable/ Inappropriate clothing items include:

Absolutely No Sagging pants

No oversized or low cut blouses, they must fit properly (not to tight or too loose)

No hats do rags, caps, or bandanas worn inside the building

No sunglasses

No short-shorts or mini skirts

No see through clothing

No excessive jewelry

No un-tucked shirts

No personalized belt buckles or designer belts

No biker shorts

No denim material of any kind unless there is a non-uniform day


If you should have any questions please contact the Lemasters School office at 314-868-8192 and someone will be more than happy to answer your call. 


Thank you so much and we look forward to an awesome school year.



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